Northwestern Waitlist 2025

Just got waitlisted. Starting this thread to share info, results, stats from past years etc.


Does anyone know where to find more information on the Northwestern waitlist? I can’t find anything beyond the status update.

Also, is the Northwestern waitlist binding?

Not binding in any way. If they call you, you can make your decision then.

Last year they took 55 people off the waitlist with 1482 on it. The previous year was 24 out of 1859.

Also I know someone that was called in late July for a spot, so they go deep into the summer.

Do your waitlist letters specify which school?

Sup guys, got waitlisted to Northwestern. Not really expecting to get off the waitlist but we shall see. I dont remember what I put as my major, probably Bio or Chem. Just gonna throw my info below

Stats: Rank 2/183, GPA UW 98.00, GPA W 109.93 (school gpa is out of 100, honors/APs multiplied by 1.2), SAT 1540, ACT 36, 780 SAT Math 2, 750 SAT Chem, 700 SAT BioM

ECs: StuCo president, Environmental Commission Student Rep, Sustainability Club Social Media Advisor, Boy Scouts, FBLA, XC/Track (fall, winter, & spring) all four yrs

job: delivery driver for local pizza place since September 2020

other college acceptances (italicized are what I’m considering): Hofstra, Drexel, UMiami, Pitt, TCNJ, Stevens, BU, NYU

rejections: JHU, Duke, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Harvard, Princeton, Penn, Yale (yes i was rejected from 7 out of 7 ivies)

waitlisted from Northwestern and Mich

dont think anyone rlly cares but eh in case anyone wants to look idk

Holy cow. You are the official poster child for “this year doesn’t make sense”. Praying all good things for you.

Yeah I’m a bit annoyed at not even getting a waitlist from an Ivy, so now I’m just desperate for NU or Mich to move me off their waitlist.

I got rejected from 2 out of 2 ivies I applied: Upenn and Cornell. My English teacher is Penn alumni and she wrote me a rec so I thought I should have a chance on waitlist. This year is just insane. FYI, I read somewhere that once you are on the waitlist, AOs would assume all are equally competitive, which means they don’t look back to your profiles. That’s where LOCI really matters.

Gotcha. I was gonna send LOCIs but I think literally everyone’s gonna send it anyway so it may just be random or based on what major/school they need more of.

DO you guys think it will be more or less people that get accepted off the waitlist this year because of COVID. I can’t tell

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Yeah that’s so true

I was thinking that since a lot of colleges got so many more applications, and the Ivies up by 15 to 45% more applications - people probably applied to even more places and might not attend a certain college, causing more people to get accepted off the waitlist. But who knows, just keep your fingers crossed that you get off the waitlist

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Do you guys think they will start accepting people in may, like relatively close to May 3 or whenever commitment day is.

Yeah probably like a week after May 1 (commitment day/enrollment deadline) once they see how many are attending and how many more students they’ll need

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So I understand that the waitlist is not ranked- how does NU determine who gets off of the waitlist then? Do they try to match accepted candidates who do not attend to waitlist candidates? Thanks.

This goes for all colleges: they look at the students who have enrolled there (after being accepted) by the May 1 deadline and see what they need. Maybe they need another 500 students to fill up the freshman class, because some admitted students chose to go elsewhere. Maybe they need Biology majors or Econ majors at the College of Arts and Sciences. Or maybe they need people to attend their Engineering School versus their School of Management. They might even accept 2 students from the waitlist total, or up to a thousand. It all depends on what they need. Just keep your fingers crossed that you’re what they want haha

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For anyone who sent in a Northwestern LOCI, who did you address it to?

Northwestern is a bit cryptic with their waitlist update. Some schools have detailed instructions and even word limits for their LOCI. So, I am not really sure they want LOCI. It can be seen as negative to send in stuff they didn’t ask for, but kids from last years thread did and they got in. so…?!

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I’m in a similar boat.

GPA UW: 97ish SAT: 1530 Chem: 780 Math II: 800
EC’s: Investment club president/founder, Rocket club president, Crew captain, peer tutor, a couple other small things, summer jobs

I took a math class at Harvard and got a rec from the professor

Top 2 schools I got into are UC Berkeley and WashU

Rejections: Rice, Duke, Columbia, Harvard, MIT

Waitlisted: Northwestern, Vanderbilt

got the email today to reconfirm my interest in the waitlist.

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