Northwestern Waitlist 2025

If you applied for financial aid, please check in your IDOC page. The last line says 4/28.
Not sure though if it has anything to do with Northwestern.

I applied for financial aid, and checked just the other day, but I did not see that line. I will check again today, I know there is a lag time with processing sometimes.

And now I am hearing from so many who didn’t apply to Northwestern about that line. So don’t worry if you don’t have that line. Also some of them think it is a glitch. I read it in reddit.

Anyone know of anyone that got off the northwestern waitlist yet

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No, I haven’t heard anything

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I hope that they start letting us know next week.

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Fr. Anyone else hear anything?

I’ve heard that many schools like ND, Colby, Grinnell and Bucknell accepted students off the waitlist on April 23rd and then gave them until May 1st to accept. Also hearing about schools making announcements that they’re not taking any waitlist students at all, like Villanova and Pitzer. Across the board, hearing no movement on Northwestern waitlist, even at this big private high school in Chicago area. Could just be really late notification this year. Hope this helps anyone!

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I hope they start moving the waitlist next week
it would be the second monday of may which is their usual go to


I talked to an admissions officer, and they said that they plan on making some offers after May 3rd. But I haven’t heard back anything else.

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When did you talk to them?

An AO left voice messages and emailed me about setting up a time to call tomorrow… I was unfortunately in the midst of traveling our of state and otherwise had tennis meets, so I did not check my messages the last couple of days. Compared to other years, I think this is what they did to take kids off the wait-list. Best of luck to everybody, and I’m still up in the air with things… I applied to McCormick for Chemical Engineering so I find out tomorrow!


Wow congratulations! I think it 99.9% means you are in! Also it means they are beginning to call, so wait and see if miracle happens!

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Congratulations! Any update?

Yes, they gave me an admissions offer! I’m still logistically trying to figure things out and waiting for aid on Monday… Fingers crossed for more of us!



Congratulations! Best luck to all the rest of us!


COngrats. I was wondering what part of the country you were from. And lets hope and pray for the rest of us.