Northwestern (Weinberg) vs Carnegie Mellon (MCS)

I’ve been admitted into both NU and CMU and wanted to know which other people think is better. I’m planning on majoring in applied math, but also have interests in many other sciences and still want a liberal artsy education. I’m also thinking about maybe going pre-med. Any advice or just general opinion on either school would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Northwestern would give you a more rounded education. Carnegie Mellon has artsy programs too, but it is a STEM powerhouse. If you’re thinking about going to med school, go for the cheap undergrad because grad school will be all loans.

I agree that you should try to keep cost a minimum. I am a huge fan of Northwestern though. Great school, great education, relatively close to Chicago.

Northwestern is stronger (if you go by US News) in biology, chemistry, physics, and math. It’s chemistry is one of the best in the world.

There is very little crossover at CMU vs NU so if you’re at all undecided as to your major then NU would be a better choice.

CMU is not a powerhouse in the STEM fields. For example, it is not that strong in S (#42 in Biology, #45 in chemistry and #36 in Physics) or M (#34 in Mathematics). CMU also has no Medical school.

Where CMU is a powerhouse is in the TE (Engineering and Computer Science).

If there is no real difference in cost of attendance, I would recommend Northwestern considering what the OP is looking for.