<p>anyone here get nosebleeds? what do you do when it happens? </p>

<p>anyone tried nasal sprays before?</p>

<p>Stick a tampon up your nose and wait for it to stop</p>

<p>Tilt your head back and hold a tissue to your nose to catch any blood that might spill out. Sometimes you just have to be patient and wait for it to stop. I wouldn't recommend just letting the blood flow into tissues until its stops. You have to put pressure on it, or tilt your head back/lay down and let it slide back (down your throat, as it happens). It sounds nasty but people should just wait it out and not let it keep running or anything like that.</p>

<p>I lived in the dry, hot, Southwest and got nosebleeds often, no big deal. Its kind of gross but its not a big thing, it happens sometimes. I never used nasal sprays, I never heard of one that would prevent nosebleeds. To prevent nosebleeds, drink lots of water (stay hydrated) and uh, don't pick your nose a lot, cause it aggravates it. Actually, when I had colds sometimes I got nosebleeds, because I was blowing my nose so often.</p>

<p>Also, I sometimes do coke and I guess that doesn't help prevent nosebleeds.</p>

<p>Kidding, kidding...</p>

<p>LOL thats an, um, interesting idea.</p>

<p>Even better would be to lean forward, pinch the top of your nose together, and wait til it stops. If you seem to be getting a lot of random nosebleeds (i.e. without any trauma to your nose), you might want to consider seeing a doctor.</p>

<p>Some ppl say tilt the head back others say forward, here's the best way to dertermine what to do:</p>

<p>if it is a small one tilt back to slow the bleeding, if it is a larger one tilt forward to prevent choking on your own blood (yes, it has happened)</p>

<p>and pressure always helps</p>

<p>lay down flat and have someone kick your feet it sounds rediculous but it truly works</p>

<p>I stick a wadded up Kleenex in my nose for about ten minutes, and that usually works. Don't mess around with your nose afterwards or else it will reoccur.</p>