nostalgia thread

<p>ITT list things you are nostalgic for</p>

the magic school bus
baby bottle pop
the backstreet boys
aol message boards
math rescue/word rescue/math rabbit</p>

<p>Going to the corner store with my friend
Annoying screeching sounds when connecting to the internet
Age of Empires 2
Paying $6.50 for a movie ticket
Stargate SG-1 With Richard Dean Anderson</p>

<p>13305 Brackley Road. I'm crying right now I miss it so much.</p>

<p>People being in CCislulz</p>

<p>OMG i loved age of empires</p>

<p>and my dad did too</p>

<p>i can't believe it's a "nostalgia" item now, it seems so new</p>

<p>Age of Empires II (it was the greatest)
15 minute boot up times for my Pentium II PC. (well... not very fond of that)
My Inline skates that had plastic wheels
My first edition Harry Potter books (1 to 3)
Not knowing how babies were made (things were simpler back then)
Pokemon cards
Gameboy Color (I can't believe they marketed that thing as "color" )
Life ambition to be a subway train driver
Cartoon Network shows (also throw in Invader Zim)</p>

<p>Life ambition to be a subway train driver </p>

<p>^ i lol'ed at this.</p>

<p>Annoying screeching sounds when connecting to the internet </p>

<p>^ i lol'ed at this too. my grandpa still has dialup and it still does that XD</p>

<li>calling it "gameboy" not "ds"</li>
<li>yugioh cards</li>
<li>pokemon games that didn't need all these graphics to make them cool</li>
<li>those sprays that taste like candy</li>
<li>bicycling around the neighborhood in a shiny hot pink bike</li>
<li>knowing who my neighbors were</li>
<li>knowing most of my neighbors are my classmates</li>
<li>being intrigued by neopets and disney sites</li>
<li>go gurt</li>
<li>believing chalk zone was real</li>
<li>pretending i was tommy from rugrats</li>
<li>thinking mud pie was edible</li>

roller coaster tycoon

<p>rugrats (the tv show)</p>


<li>Cartoon Network</li>
<li>Game Boy Color</li>
<li>Double Dare 2000</li>
<li>Magic Tree House</li>
<li>Pinky and the Brain</li>

<p>Roller coaster tycoon = <3 </p>

<p>I still play that sometimes when I have that rare free afternoon. :)</p>

<p>PBS Kids
Harry Potter when the movies (first 2) had a good director
vanilla coke (do they still make that?)</p>

<p>my grandma used to make me crushed ice with tang on it as a snack when i was little and it was sooo soo soo good.</p>



<p>-Yu Gi Oh Cards </p>


<p>and PB Crisps. YouTube</a> - P.B. Crisps. BRING THEM BACK</p>

<p>and Izzy, you can't be nostalgic until you start high school. btw they were selling vanilla coke in 2007 as far as I know.</p>

<p>i don't even know anymore</p>

<p>The days when I didn't have to worry about grades. ;)</p>

<p>Tom and Jerry (which I still watch if possible)
Roller Coaster Tycoon (the first one)
The days when a trip to Kmart was an adventure...</p>

<p>My two best friends from kindergarden.
My older brothers and sister picking on me.
Playing with insects, like rollie pollies.
Climbing my favorite tree in my backyard ( it got cut down)
Sharing a room with my sister, well kinda having my own room is kinda cool. </p>

<p>Nothing really materialistic, but all those old school toys and shows do bring back memories!</p>

<p>Yu-Gi-Oh cards
Counter-Strike (lol)</p>