NOT a strong app - EA or RD!!?!?

<p>GPA - uw 3.4, w 3.6
Schedule - MOST challenging - at least according to my counselor
AP: 6 (Bio, US Hist, Chem, Gov, Calc AB, Eng Lit)
Honors: 2 (Foreign Language, Eng Lang)
College Credit: 2 (Ceramics, Psychology)
Class rank: Top 20% (no specific rank)</p>

<p>SAT: 2190 (CR 740, M 730, W 720) or 1470 (CR+M)
SAT II: Math 2 (750+), Bio (700+)</p>

<p>*PLEASE note, downward trend (slightly, by .1-ish). have a D my freshman year (geometry). C- and C+ from AP Bio in junior year; but with weighted, it's an upward trend.</p>

Intern - Harper's BAZAAR
Intern - (another fashion magazine)
Badminton (4 years - co-captain)
Science Club (Treasurer)
Asian Club (co-captain)
Art Club (VP)
NSLC - Public Relations
Writer for online essay club (co-founder)</p>

<p>Volunteer: Beach clean up (3yrs), library volunteer (3yrs), and reading partner (2yrs)</p>

<p>Major: Communication (College of Arts & Sciences)</p>

<li>California resident</li>
<li>Permanent resident (not citizen)</li>
<li>Attending CA public school (not extremely competitive)</li>



<p>Okay, I've read just couple of hours ago that applicants that aren't very strong/highly likely to get in should refrain from applying EA/ED because the STRONGER applicants will mostly apply EA/ED. </p>

<p>I was planning on applying EA for:</p>

U of Notre Dame
U Mich -Ann Arbor</p>

<p>should I apply EA or just RD? please let me know! :)</p>