Not accepted into A&M with a 1460 sat and 3.9 gpa?

Hi, so I applied to Texas A&M for fall 2021 admission and am honestly confused as to why I was accepted. I’m not trying to brag here but I have a 3.9 gpa and 750 r&w and 710 math sat score. I also am a well rounded student with four years of Latin, about 15 dual enrollment classes, participation in dance companies/competitions as well as piano and piano teaching, and a year of employment at Chick-fil-A. I was also previously accepted to Baylor and SMU with six figure scholarships. So I would dare to consider myself an above average student :slight_smile: I lived in Texas my whole life until moving to Illinois a year ago so I’m an out of state applicant. If anybody can offer some insight into why I was not accepted or what routes I can take I’d appreciate it so much! I’m so sad I really wanted to go to A&M :confused:

Can you appeal? How were your essays and recommendations?

I may consider appealing, for now I am waitlisted. I had people review my essays and short answers and thought they were strong. I’m homeschooled so I wasn’t able to submit a counselor letter of recommendation. However I contacted an admissions counselor who said it wasn’t necessary if I was homeschooled and would automatically update which it did.

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You were a strong candidate without a doubt. You were strong enough that they offered you a wait-list spot. That means you were strong enough to be admitted, but they just ran out of spots. You have to remember that Texas A&M has rolling admissions. The people who were admitted prior to you most likely had lower stats. They just submitted their application earlier.

The yield for A&M is pretty low. I think a couple years ago it was 39%. That means that the people who were accepted, only 39% enrolled. You most likely will get off the wait-list. I would email them a continued interest email.


@yorkpointe Wow, your SAT is really impressive! What is your desired major? The below is from Tamu…

"(2019-2020) Relative importance of each of the following academic and nonacademic factors in first-time, firstyear, degree-seeking (freshman) admission decisions.

Very Important
Rigor of secondary school record
Class Rank
Academic GPA
Standardized Test Scores
Extracurricular Activities

Only you can say if your rigor of classes is similar to the typical applicant (mostly AP and Dual credit) but it is very important and somehow Tamu decides the rigor of your classes.

“Talent/Ability” can be interpreted different ways, but I believe it is Talent/Ability towards your desired major. In other words, does your extra-curriculars/classes/hobbies show a passion towards your intended major? With Tamu being filled to the brim as it is, I believe they are looking for students that know what they want to do, IMO.

Wishing you some good news soon!

@MrQster Why do you say this? I believe this is false. My impression is that Tamu “grades” applications as they come in and offers acceptances to the higher graded applications as time goes on.

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When did your application say complete and in review?

Thank you! I want to Major in marketing and minor or double major in Dance. I haven’t done a whole lot of extracurriculars related to business so that could be it but I don’t think that would be enough to stop me from getting accepted as I’ve done lots of other activities and volunteer work. I’ve also taken dual credit classes in the area like microeconomics and psychology.

Ok. I think this is a little strange though as I submitted before the regular admission deadline? They even extended the deadline from dec 15 to 21, I submitted my app on the 13th since I was finished anyways. After that only my srar was processing and scores were being sent. I’ll keep that in mind though.

I thought something similar. If they don’t have room for me with their campus of 60,000 students… something must be off :joy:

Most in state applicants in my area apply in August or at the latest September. Acceptances start going out shortly after.


Keep in mind that A&Ms response to you is no reflection at all on your abilities. The reality is…Tamu is a super popular school with close to 42000 freshman applications for fall 2020 and a total of 26,000 admittances and about 11000 actually enrolled. They get so many applications and so many qualified applicants, but unfortunately cannot accept all qualified applicants. You can always consider transferring, which so many do!

You applied extremely late. So many student applied the first day it opened. If you had applied before October, I guarantee you would have been admitted. Your scores and aptitude are outstanding. This isn’t a reflection of that, just that you were late to the party. Early bird gets the worm and all.

Hopefully waitlist works out for you. But if it doesn’t… SMU scholarship money is amazing. Great school, especially for business.


Ok. I wasn’t aware so many others applied earlier otherwise I would have as well. And sadly even though I got a great smu scholarship we still don’t have enough money to attend :frowning: my best outcome now it to be accepted at ut austin.

Ok. Thanks for your encouragement!

You have great options in SMU & Baylor with substantial scholarship awards.

You applied too late to a rolling admissions school = why you were waitlisted.

Used to be common at the University of Minnesota that very highly qualified in-state (resident) applicants were waitlisted while other–even non-residents–with much lower stats were admitted simply due to applying early under the rolling admissions system. The problem grew so Minnesota did away with rolling admissions.

Congratulations regarding your opportunities at SMU & Baylor ! UT-Austin may also be an option for you.

A&M takes fewer out of state applicants than instate because of auto admit rule they have. My daughter has similar stats, wants band/Corp, and was still wait listed.

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With rolling admissions the timing of your application is at times more important than your stats. A person who applies with great stats near the deadline is not likely to get acceptance initially. They would likely get wait-listed. A person with lower stats (but is acceptable to the university) who applies the first couple of days the applications open is more likely to get an acceptance.


Well this thread gives me hope. My daughter was asked to apply for both University and Ag Honors and hasn’t heard yay or nay to either of them.

And waitlisting isn’t a bad thing at all! Good luck!

You may want to edit this so others aren’t completely confused.