Not another chance thread?

<p>Unfortunately... any help is appreciated :)</p>

<p>ACT: 32, retaking again in fall,
SAT: taking in fall
GPA: 3.775 weighted
Rank: 68/507
EC's: relatively good; one sport (varsity) done all four years; multitude of clubs; sunday school; 300+ hours of volunteering for NHS/local hospital
Rigor of schedule/AP's: very rigorous; will have taken approximately 11 tests by graduation, all for credit at Columbia hopefully (6 so far, all 4s/5s)
Recs/essays: set
Other: please see here: (<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;)&lt;/p>

<p>So... how does it look? I'm out of state but how well could financial aid cover me? I'd really like to go here, it's a definite option besides UMich, Chicago and Northwestern</p>

<p>doesnt seem too high unless youre a URM. you havent taken any SAT II's, youre act is decent, but youre rank is well below top 10%</p>