Not average CCer: Will I get in somewhere?

<p>I'm worried that I will not get in colleges I want. I'll try to make my stats brief.</p>

<p>African American from Maryland
3.8 UW, 4.2 W
2nd decile in very competitive school
Taking the most rigorous schedule; 4s on all AP exams I took
SAT: 1310 (M+R)
SAT II: 670 (ouch) US History, 760 Biology, 750 Math IIC, 720 Writing</p>

<p>Junior State of America
Internship at a law firm
Model UN
Young Democrats
A few academic clubs
A LOT of volunteer experiences</p>

<p>Venture Scholar
Academic Awards
President’s Award for Volunteer Service </p>

<p>Good recommendations and essays</p>

William and Mary
Boston University
University of Minnesota- Twin Cities

<p>your SAT and GPA might be a little low for a lot of the schools you are looking at. Also, how good are your essays. They can many times make or break you. It looks like you have a good leadership background, but your academics might need to rise. William and Mary, Boston, JMU, Minnesota, maybe UVA and maybe Northwestern are matches. The rest are very risky</p>

<p>You have excellent stas, but it may be a bit low for Yale, Princeton, Duke and Brown. But your URM status will help you a lot...</p>

<p>Sorry, this will sound harsh, but it is the truth...</p>

<p>Yale, Duke, UVA, Northwestern, Brown, and Princeton are all reaches. William and Mary is a slight reach.</p>

<p>The other 3 you are in.</p>

<p>You need more matches, things between William and Mary and Boston U...</p>

<p>add Northeastern to your list</p>