not chancing, just some advice:)

<p>How do you guys manage your time with hard classes, and a billion ECs? I think I've been struggling with balancing both and trying to do lots of things, and looking at the other resumes here freaks me out and wonder how you guys do. Any advice on how you manage your time and come up with the ideas for your ECs? Thanks anything appreciated!</p>

<p>380 views and no replies? Anyone please?</p>

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<p>^^ This applies to high school, as well as college.</p>

<p>lol my teacher said something like that :)</p>

<p>The only piece of advice I feel I can offer in good faith, is simply to do what you love. I am involved in a lot of ECs- but I am SO passionate about them, I never insisted on doing something I wasn't too keen on. Most of the ECs I've been involved in, I've been a part of for all four years of my high school career, and in many cases- since elementary school! I would also suggest that you take classes (as far as you can control it) that you are truly interested in. After figuring out what I loved, everything kind of worked itself out- it has a happy kind of busy :) If this makes sense, I feel like being involved in so many things forced me to develop good time management skills.</p>

<p>I guess I could also say spend less time on social networking sites-though I'll admit that's a skill I've not yet mastered- I've had to have friends "lock" me out of my social networking accounts by changing my passwords whenever it was "crunch time" (before SATs etc).</p>

<p>Based on my two H daughters and their friends, I'd say that their ECs are the settings for most of their friendships and social lives. Having them largely overlap means that if you've got time for a social life, you've got time for your ECs.</p>

<p>Thank you guys that was really helpful :)It just feels weird that I have Saturdays and Sundays to myself at home instead of being out there saving the world haha</p>