Not contacted for interviews despite being in same area?

<p>So both my friend and I applied to Brown–within 3 days of submitting her app, she was asked to do an interview. I live around the same area as her (different city though), and I haven’t had anyone contact me. Does Brown interview those they are more interested in first?</p>

<p>No. Be patient. </p>

<p>However, know that interview assignment is random. Limited by the no. of alum volunteers. You may never be interviewed. That’s how it is. But don’t fret – interview is smallest portion of your evaluation. I never got interviewed but was still admitted.</p>

<p>My gf and I live together, both are interviewers. This year she has 3 so far and I have had none. She has had these assignments for a couple of weeks but hasn’t called to setup appointment because she’s been busy at work and knows she’ll have free time soon. Last year I had no interviews until the last 2 weeks possible then suddenly 3 kids were assigned to me.</p>

<p>There’s a lot of background coordination and timing that happens that may very well make it so that you never get an interview but many other people do or that your interview is substantially earlier or later than others.</p>

<p>Not getting and interview isn’t any kind of indication.</p>

<p>Thanks for much for the replies–my parents were convinced that I had “failed the initial stage” (whatever that means).</p>

<p>musicsweet: the “intial stage” is scanning your docs and preparing your file. That’s it. No human eyes have even read a single word.</p>

<p>There is no pre-read to evaluate students for interviews. There is no time for that. Brown would like to have 100% of applicants interviewed if possible – from the shoo-in to the zero-chancer. They don’t discriminate in terms of interview assignments.</p>