not doing a sport for a year?

<p>Hey everyone, I have a weird question..</p>

<p>I am a rising senior and I love softball and have played since a young age. I was on JV my freshman and sophomore years with every intention of continuing. However I didn't play my junior year due to a lot of family issues, so I talked to the coach and he was extremely understanding. However, I did have other major ECs that year, such as working on my school newspaper and volunteering at a local hospital. I would have quit but those were the things that I really couldn't get out off, since I signed things saying I would be committed and such. I should also mention that my grades suffered a lot first semester, but increased dramatically during the second semester, since my family situation was getting better and I was getting help with coping with all of these issues. Now, I really want to play this upcoming senior year. I am sure the coach would at least let me try out and I will probably make it. Now comes the question. How will colleges see this? Won't it look weird that I dropped out of a sport, yet continued other major ECs? I would really appreciate any comments. Thanks</p>

<p>It is pretty hard to not play your junior year and then make it your senior but good luck. Who cares if it looks weird, there is nothing you can do about it now.</p>

<p>You can't have a weirder list of EC's by grades than me. Don't worry about it. Most of mine are either all 10th grade or only 9,11,12. (And colleges definitely won't look at me badly for it).</p>

<p>That's really not a problem. Many students (like me) will have no sports at all. It's not that crucial.</p>

<p>most colleges have interviews, and you could explain your situation during the interview so they won't look at you badly.</p>

<p>it doesn't look bad at all, many people don't play sports forever and so long as you didn't just watch cartoons </p>

<p>so don't stress and enjoy your senior year, there is nothing to "explain"</p>