Not doing very I screwed?

<p>Alright so I entered college with an optimistic mindset. I expected to work hard and do well. </p>

<p>Unfortunately, I worked hard and did badly. My first midterm grades were a massacre - 9/20 on Math (though the mean was 11/20, I am still below average), scraping a B- on my first Econ midterm, a C on an intro comp sci midterm, and the only bright spot was a B+ on a German Literature paper. This was a severe shock, a huge demoralizing blow. After all, up until that point I was doing fine - great, even. i was acing my math quizzes with 10/10s, getting 100% on my comp sci assignments, and my Economics quizzes and homeworks got full marks. </p>

<p>Now midterm season is coming around again and I am seriously panicked. I already did the math midterm and received a 13/21 - once again, the mean was 11/21, so at least I scored above it this time. Econ midterm will roll around in three days. I feel so hopeless and lost...</p>

<p>Does CC have any advice? I am, to be honest, really scared.</p>

<p>Talk to your professors about what you missed and have them re-explain it to you. Most importantly, rehaul your study habits. What worked? What didn't? What didn't you do that could have done?</p>



<p>I have had professors whom aren't willing to do everything like this unless you have excuses like you were hospitalized or something. </p>

<p>I advise OP to see his TA instead, if he doesn't have. Find group studies, get random people (as far fetched as this sounds, it actually works)</p>