Not elaborating in additional info?

<p>It is detrimental to <em>not</em> elaborate on my ECs if I feel like they are fine as is in the primary section? Will it make it seem like my activities are shallow and uninvolved? Is adding info in the 'additional info' section basically required? Or is it pretty much optional?</p>

<p>The Additional Information is pretty much a "requirement" if you're applying to top colleges. It serves as an overflow to the restrictive sections of the Common Application. If you want to self-report more exam scores, list more ECs that the 12 spaces wouldn't cover, or go into detail about awards that eluded the 5 spaces, the Additional Info is where you need to go. </p>

<p>Like all college applications, it's better to brag about your achievements than be modest and leave them off. You never know which piece of information might prod at an adcom's interest and curiosity.</p>

<p>But at the same time, if you don't have anything significant to add, then there is no point in filling up the Additional Information section with extra stuff for the admin officers to look through</p>