Not Eligible to Take AP Bio At School

Hi, I just found out that I’m not eligible to take AP Bio because of my Semester 1 avg. grade for Chemistry Honors even though I got an A as my final grade in Biology Honors. I’m really bummed about this because I wanted to take AP Bio since eighth grade and intend to be a biology major in the future. My chemistry teacher does not teach and only knows how to give hard tests and I do bad even though I study.

What should I do? Note: I’m asking for constructive advice. Please answer constructively.

So in our school ultimately it is the parents decision what classes a student can take. Did you go through the entire appeal process?

Well, there is an eligibility review form that I have to fill out. However, the supervisor of science, the principal, and my chemistry teacher have to agree.

Do it, and then go up the chain, if you think you can handle the work.

My D’s school had similar policies about needing strong grades in bio, chem, and physics before allowing any AP level course.

What are you doing to work on your chemistry grade? Can you get a tutor? Study with Kahn Academy? Meet with your teacher before or after school?

I would try to get the grades up in chemistry and see if your school will reconsider allowing you into AP bio if you can get your second semester grade up.

My D’s experience was that her AP science courses were significantly more difficult than her honors classes. IMO your teachers and administrators are the best sources for knowing the rigor of the classes at your school and advising you properly.


I agree that you should follow the appeal chain…and am adding that not being allowed to take AP Bio in HS does not mean that you can’t major in Bio in college.

Fwiw, AP Bio has a heavy chemistry component.


Hopefully it’s the students with the parent’s approval.

Every school is different; at ours, the final decision rests with the school.


Follow the appeal process with the understanding that AP science courses often have limited enrollment whether due to pedagogy, union contract, or lab space. If max enrollment has been reached with students meeting the criteria, it’s unlikely a space will magically appear.