not enough/unimpressive extracurriculars

I have barely done any extracurricular activities. I’ve skated for twelve years and have continued to skate competitively throughout my high school career, taking up much of my time. I also work as a figure skating coach. I’m on the figure skating club at my school. As you can see, everything is related to skating. Sure, I’m truly passionate, but I think colleges want to see a more expansive and diverse list. What extracurriculars do you suggest I take next year? I’m thinking of joining an academic team, like Scholastic Bowl, or a charity/service group. Or should I fit both into my schedule? What do colleges exactly like to see?

My recommendation: do what you enjoy. Is it worth it trying to craft the “perfect” application for colleges if you don’t enjoy it? I think colleges want to see you do what you want to do. I wouldn’t want a college of students who are doing stuff they hate just to look good on paper. But there’s probably lots of evidence against what I just said, so take from what what you like.

Honestly, these threads make me sort of sad, like to get into a good college I need to do a bunch of stuff I don’t enjoy. I hope you can find a college that you want to attend who likes you for who you are, whatever ECs you decide to pursue.

“but I think colleges want to see a more expansive and diverse list”

No, that is simply not true- colleges want quality over quantity. Don’t add ECs for colleges. If you are skating competitively, actively involved, and it is your passion, you’re completely fine.

Most colleges aren’t looking for a super huge, diverse list anymore. I was told by a lot of schools that what they wanted to see was that you were really involved in one or two areas–that shows your passion and true strengths. Competitive skating and coaching will look AWESOME as an EC, you don’t need to fluff it up by adding more random things just because you think colleges will like it more. No worries!

Honestly, just keep skating.

Good grades.
Solid scores.

That’s all you need.

Is the coaching you are doing for money or volunteer. You need leadership and community service for the college apps. SO, if the coaching is paid, there’s your “job”, could you maybe volunteer some time to coaching? Can you become a leader at the skating club?When you say you are competitive, are you winning things? If not, I suggest you do try to broaden out just a little. Several of the applications my son did this year, I can’t remember if he said it was scholarship stuff or the apps, but they didn’t even want him to log stuff under sports unless he won a varsity letter. So, maybe join and try to get a leadership role in a club.

Either the service group or the academic bowl will help you feel more connected to your high school. It will be hard to juggle the time, but I encourage you to add one of them. Pick the one that is most flexible with your skate time!

@ZBD5421‌ you do not need community service for college apps. That is a myth. Volunteering is treated just like any other EC.

If you say so. It seems like all the colleges we visited, UR, being one of them all touted their community service programs.

If you want to look into volunteering, I suggest joining the youth board on your figure skating club or volunteering at events at your ice rink. My ice rink does community service events for girl scouts, special needs kids, etc. and is always asking for volunteers. Also, you could volunteer as a runner/ice monitor at local competitions held by your club or at local shows.

Just curious, what level do you skate at?

@Kouren‌ Those are some great ideas; thank you! I’m a Junior, the second highest level of skating. The skaters at the Olympics are Senior-level skaters, and I’m at the tier right below.

@ZBD5421‌ There is a chance for me to become a leader of the high skating school club for next year; I think that it would be a great chance to play an active and responsible role in an elective