not fair!!

<p>reason 1:u guys all can online whenever u want to, but i live in a hostel!!! with no computers in ur room!! though i have laptop but no point because no internet connection.
reason 2:yah yah u can stay up until da wee hours but i have my o levels now.
reason 3:mmm...mmm...trying to think of one.
ahh, ignore annoyed by myself n have no idea y i did dis post. i guess all of sudden provoked by the utter unfairness of life. sigh...
anyway, would like to swap essays though mine not v good i think. email is <a href=""></a>. am applying for yale ea psychology but dun think have much of a chance.

<p>cheer up mate... we all have moments like these and it's a good idea u decided 2 complain here rather than 2 your friends and family coz it's easier to bug people who haven't physically met u :D ... hehe.... life's unfair but u'll probably get fair chance at beating the odds with ur educational background... if u think u have no chances at yale psych, PM me and ask me about my stats and u'll feel better about ur chances. bye</p>