Not getting blue thing when I have new posts on threads I’ve posted on or bookmarked

Title says it all. Just adding words to get to 20 characters.

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@thumper1, I’m not sure this is a general issue as I am seeing the blue dot fine. Is it happening across the board or just on some specific threads?

No…i mean that when I click on my little icon, the threads do not have a blue background.

Gotcha, so in your notification pop up you don’t have the blue background, but then on the notifications page you see it? This is what’s happening to me at least and I’m trying to establish if this is what you are reporting on.

Notification pop up:

Notification page:

Right. I don’t get the blue background when I hit my icon and the threads are listed.

I do see the little blue number next to the threads.

Thanks for confirming, @thumper1. It looks like we are experiencing the same bug. I reported it now and will update as soon as we get news.

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And you probably know we were getting either a 504 error or a 502 for the last 30 minutes…or so.

Yep, I have reported that, too. Was told there was an issue with the database, which hopefully was now resolved.

I’m getting 502 and 504 error messages