Not happy with dorm housing offer?

<p>I'm looking for an apartment mate. I'm a girl so I'm also looking for a roommate who is also a girl. I'm a freshman who plans to major in integrative biology.</p>

<p>The apartment has two separate bedrooms so you wouldn't need to worry about a roommate who stays up too late, snores, etc. Each room is about the size of a Unit 3 double so you'll have a lot more space. The apartment also has a private kitchen and a bathroom. </p>

<p>The apartment is located on Durant and Elsworth which is a block from the RSF and a long block from Unit 3. It's about a block from campus. The downside is that you don't get the "dorm experience" but if you get bad roommates in a triple or something then your "dorm experience" will be terrible. The apartment is also about 30% CHEAPER ($4000 less per year)than the dorms. </p>

<p>For more information, message me back! Thanks! :)</p>

<p>I got placed in Stern and I'm totally not digging it.
Email me the information about the apartment and send me your facebook</p>

<p>I know this girl she is very nice and it will be awesome to live with her =)
Sounds like a good deal...cheaper, more space</p>

<p>got placed in clark kerr, not happy at all
can you msg me more details about this apt?
whats your facebook</p>

<p>Check your messages for more information :) Sorry it took me so long to reply, this site doesn't send me a notification when you reply to this post (only when you message me) :D</p>