***Not Heard Back Yet???

<p>I havn't heard anything! I've checked the site and my email!! And I know kids in my school who have already been deferred and accepted. Has anyone else not heard yet???? AHHHH</p>

<p>Please lemme know, I'm starting to get nervous!</p>

<p>Are you clicking the update button on the admissions page after you login?</p>

<p>scroll down and make sure that the admissions page says that you turned in everything on your application</p>

<p>There is no update button... and there is no list of things I need to turn in... It just says application: received. Ahhhh this is annoying.</p>

<p>There is a financial aid checklist... but I assumed I wouldn't need to do that unless I got accepted. Was I incorrect?</p>

<p>We cannot give you your admissions decision by phone, but may be able to troubleshoot the problem if you call our office general line at 1-773-702-8650. Today, our business hours are 8:30am-3:00pm CST.</p>