Not Participating in any Programs

<p>Unfortunately, I did not begin taking initiative on Summer programs and college-related information until well into my Sophomore year and, consequently, missed many opportunities for Summer programs. I understand that I still have my junior Summer and that it is not that huge of a deal to not participate in some kind of program. </p>

<p>However, if I plan on applying to some very selective schools (likely at least one or two ivies), what can I do to show that my Summer was not spent slothfully? </p>

<p>If I begin volunteering for a local program where I call disabled/elderly citizens and continue my nursing home volunteering, would it be sufficient to show that I "did something" during the Summer and not just sat on the beach or read?</p>

<p>Shameless bump - I'm very curious as to how my inactivity freshman/sophomore summers will affect the view of me before an adcom at a top university.</p>

<p>p.s. please be brutally honest.</p>

<p>I actually think volunteering is a wonderful way to spend the summer. We signed up our D. for a summer program for 3 wks because she is still young (going into 8th grade, and very young even for her grade). We could not find good volunteering things for her to do, plus she is a bit too young to take serious responsibilities. If you are older and serious about your volunteer work, imo it's better to do other summer program, esp. a program you have to pay. Our plan is definitely in a couple of years our chidren should work, make some money, or volunteer, to learn how to take responsibilities.</p>

<p>This definitely doesn't affect the adcoms' view on you as long as you do something worthwhile in the summer. There are plenty of other options besides summer programs, such as volunteering, taking up an internship, or working at a job. If it's not too late, you can sign up for classes at your local community college. Most importantly though, make sure you're enjoying what you're doing and pursuing your passion(s). Best of luck!</p>

<p>The big question is what you did do with your time. Did you work? Take care of siblings? Go to summer school?</p>