Not passing AP exams?

<p>I’m taking 5 AP exams next week, and there’s a chance I won’t pass 2 out of the 5. How bad does that look when applying to schools like Brown if I have passed all other exams? </p>

<p>Doesn’t matter. You don’t normally send in AP scores to be reviewed for admittance. Colleges take them after you’re accepted to give placement. I didn’t send any AP Scores to Brown and still got in this year. By the way, research what schools give credit for AP scores. I know that Brown doesn’t for most if not all tests. </p>

<p>@blulub‌ I don’t really mind about the credit because they probably won’t count for the classes I’d have to take anyway, I just wasn’t sure how bad it looked if I didn’t pass them. Thank you so much! :)</p>