Not Putting Down My Race . . . Will it hurt?

<p>Someone could call me asian or caucasian, so it could go both ways. But I don't really want to put my race on the app (even if it helps). &lt;/p>

<p>Will this hurt my chances in anyway?</p>

<p>I don't think so. If an admissions came across your app and you didn't put down your race, they would immediately assume you're either asian or caucasian, lol.</p>


<p>um... there's no way being asian or caucasian would ever be an ADVANTAGE on college apps. if you dont feel like putting it then dont bother. but don't do one or the other to try to benefit yourself... it really doesn't help or hurt either way. </p>

<p>I'm asian and I put myself down as asian, because I felt no need to be ashamed of it =&lt;/p>

<p>I'd put it down, because if you don't they will usually assume you're asian or white. However if you are a under-represented minority, I'd definately put it down</p>

<p>But both, that will make you multi-caltural. Maybe it'll help you.</p>

<p>I'm not both. . .it could just go either way depending on one's definition. Iranians = caucasian, not white. But someone could also think that middle eastern is asian. So I don't know. . .I wasn't planning on putting it down, so I just wanted some opinions.</p>

<p>Being Iranian could actually help you (as far as diversity), but I am not sure, how you would mark it if middle eastern is not a category on your app. There usually is "other" option. If there isn't, may be you should call the school and ask. Not marking anything will not hurt you, but will not help you either.</p>

<p>I consider Iranians as Asian-Americans. But if there is an "other" option available, I would use that instead.</p>


<p>Well as long as not putting it down doesn't hurt me, I'll do just that.</p>

<p>bump, anymore responses? Thanks</p>

<p>i thought about this too, and i decided i wouldnt. its just a matter of principle for me. i dont believe that race should be mentioned or concerned in the admissions process. i dont see how discriminating against someone contributes to diversity.</p>

<p>Same jeparlefrancais. That's pretty much how I feel. . I don't really care if putting it down is an advantage for me.</p>