Not really sure what to do!!

<p>Thanks for helping me out! </p>

<p>I've taken the SAT II's once and these are my scores:
Writing: 710
Math Ic:630
Lit: 560 (ouch!)
I'm retaking Lit in Dec., and I'm wondering if I should try to retake Ic again? I can't guarantee lots of prep time between now and then and I'm wondering just how important you guys think it will be to have a higher score. </p>

<p>My Resume in Brief:
Stats: 4.14 UC gpa, school doesn't rank, 29 ACT (retaking Dec.)
ECs: worked on fundraiser and raised $1,000+, volunteer work, a couple of years of martial arts, key club (in the process of organizing project).
Course Load: Taken 4 AP's by grad, (3) on AP Euro, took UCSD summer class in int'l relations and got an A. Senior Classes = AP Stats, AP Gov, AP Econ, Eng 12, Physics, Seminar in Art, and required gym class.
Info: Moved 2x during high school, good essays about volunteer work and babysitting (all my volunteer work has been around my desire to help children), and applying as an econ major to all UC's (in-state) (except UCR and UCSC). </p>

<p>Thanks for the advice and for reading all of this! =)</p>

<p>Yes. you need to retake Ic - 630 isn't a good score. If you can't take it in December take it the next time.</p>