Not Reported (NR) ?

<p>I just looked at student access for my summer session 1 grades and it shows one as NR. Is this a big deal? It says that it turns into an F after one quarter of attendance. Does that mean fall quarter in my situation?</p>

<p>same happened to me back in fall 09, it just means the teacher was late with the grade. no biggie. theyll get around to it eventually. youre screwed when that class is a prereq to another class you need and the teacher is taking his/her sweet time.</p>

<p>okay today i check again and my grade was posted on my unofficial transcript (around the late afternoon time since I check at around 1 and it wasnt there yet). but now when I looked at my degree works it shows that the class is under the category (no credit recieved) and it says next the the Class "NR......4 units applied".</p>

<p>should I just assume that degreeworks just hasn't updated yet and once it does it will award me proper credit for that class? How often is degree works updated?</p>

<p>Ya most of the site is slow to update. I switched majors and got new classes yesterday but EEE hasn't updated. Don't worry about it.</p>

<p>DegreeWorks is updated whenever your counselor feels like, haha. I believe they do it every so often and at the very least they should do it right after final grades are available.</p>