Not sure if this is enough to get rescinded from UIC

Hello all,
So I’m currently committed to UIC’s Honors college. My grades have generally been mostly B’s, some A’s, and a couple of C’s throughout high school, but this senior year has by far been my worst year I think.
First semester of senior year I was taking 6 AP’s, so while the workload was doable, it was still super tough. I ended with mostly B’s, 2 A’s, and a C. Now, in second semester, I’m taking 8 AP’s, having a hard time to keep up, and tbh I’m just really depressed. This isn’t at all ho I envisioned my senior year to be. I had to add on 2 AP’s this semester b/c they are graduation requirements at my school, and I really wish I had dropped some other classes. But it’s too late for all of that.

I was wondering what my chances of getting rescinded from UIC is. I’m probably going to end with 2 A’s, 3 B’s, and 3 C’s this semester. Will UIC really care as long as I don’t get D’s and F’s? Also, will they notice that I am taking 8 super tough AP classes and perhaps take the C’s from this semester a little easier?