Not sure what major I should go with

My parents have been bothering me about choosing a college major since my freshman year of high school. I still haven’t been able to decide. Any suggestions?
These are the classes I have taken/am going to take at school:
9th: English IA, Algebra II, World Geography, Foods I, Marching Band, Biology, PE
10th: English IIA, Pre-calculus, World History, French I, Marching Band, Honors Chemistry
11th: Honors English, AP Calculus AB, AP US History, French II, Marching Band, Jazz Band, AP Music Theory
12th: AP English, AP Statistics, AP American Government, Economics, French III, Marching Band, Jazz Band, PE

I’m currently taking an online AP Biology course. I might take Economics at a community college next summer (the summer before my senior year) so that I can open up one semester to take something else.
I’ve taken exams for music and have passed them all. I’m currently a section leader for Marching Band.
I’m entering my 3rd year of varsity basketball.

What are your interests? That’s a good starting point.

Really, though, I don’t think it’s reasonable for them to expect you to choose your major when you haven’t taken any college classes. Most incoming freshmen are undecided on some level, even if they think they aren’t.