Not sure what to do

Hello, I was accepted into UCSD (undeclared), UCSC (CS:CGD), and CSUSB (Computer System Game Development). Clearly, I intend to and hope to create games in the future, however as I’m browsing through countless forums, I’m leaning towards changing my major to CS in the future.

I did also apply to UCI for the CGS, however I was unfortunately rejected but will be sending in an appeal as it was my first choice school (although I have very little hope).

Currently, I’m narrowing it down between UCSD and UCSC. I’m not sure about UCSC due to its unfamiliar location, while UCSD, I come to La Jolla a lot and I enjoy it out here. In terms, I’m really leaning towards UCSD purely out of that it’s the “better” school out of the two, and was possibly thinking of transferring out of UCSD into UCI as a transfer student if they do not accept my appeal.

As for the undeclared at UCSD, I was looking at their ICAM as a possibility, but still not sure what would be the best path if I intend to be determined to get into CS.

Overall, I would really like to receive some insight on whether I should attend UCSD or UCSC under these circumstances, and we’ll assume cost isn’t a issue. Having said that, if UCI happens to grant miracles and accepts my appeal, there’s a higher chance I would go their instead.

Some other info: I am a female that lives in SoCal.

Since CS is so impacted at all the UC campuses, I would lean toward the direct admit at UCSC. Although you are admitted to the Game Design Major, you can still change to CS there. UCSC will warrant a visit since you either love it or hate it as a campus but a well respected CS department.

UCSD CS is by lottery unless you get a direct admit, so low odds. Not too knowledgeable about ICAM.

Appeals for any UC’s are rare so you need to have really compelling information for a chance at UCI.

UC San Diego students who wish to change from another major into one of CSE’s capped majors may apply to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering for admission into the BA computer science, BS computer science, BS computer engineering, or BS computer science with specialization in bioinformatics major.

Eligibility requirements:

Minimum of eight units of courses completed at UC San Diego for a letter grade, drawn from the following screening courses: CSE 8B or CSE 11, CSE 12, CSE 15L, CSE 20, CSE 21, CSE 30, and CSE 100.
All of the following eligibility courses (or their accepted equivalent) must have been completed prior to application: CSE 8B or 11, CSE 12, CSE 15L, and CSE 20.
Students must receive a 3.3 GPA in screening courses taken at UC San Diego.
Application process:

Students may apply in any quarter after they have completed the above eligibility requirements. Students who meet the 3.3 GPA cutoff for screening courses will be entered into a lottery. Students will be randomly selected until the open number of seats in CSE are filled.

UC to UC transfers are very possible but again there is no guarantee. If you want a guarantee for UCI, then consider the CC route with TAG for UCI.

Thank you very much for the response! Very insightful. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you want to explore some fresh turf. That preference plus not having to qualify into your chosen major, I’d head to UCSC.