Not sure what to do


Supply Chain (business) Freshman at UTD here. Not sure what I should do when it comes to major and minors.
Credit background:
Ap tests/DC and credit:
English (12 DC)
Bio (10 AP)
US Hist (6 AP)
US Govt (3 AP)
Possible elective credits (scored 3s) Macro Econ & World Hist (3 each as electives if they accept them as such, not sure if they do lots of people saying state of texas requires them to accept 3s)
31 credits From HS for sure (37 if they accept as elective credits)
Currently taking/took summer CC classes (forced to):
4 Hours Gen Chem (wasn’t sure about Bio score till last 2 days of this class)
3 Hours Tex Govt
3 Hours Micro econ
(10 hours total)

That means I am entering with 41-47 credits but I’m not sure if I want to graduate early. I also want to go to law school and not sure how graduating early will affect studying for LSAT/getting internships. Not only that, but now I am stuck with 14 science credits I am not sure what to do with, and if I could/should use them towards a minor of some sort if it exists. I am also taking Arabic classes at UTD which could potentially be used towards a minor (I can speak/read/write just kinda rusty and need to get better + hopefully GPA booster). Now I am not sure what paths I could/should take and could use some advise.

Sorry long thread, but thank you

Just because you’ve taken classes doesn’t mean they need to go towards a major or minor. They could go towards satisfying your general education requirements, or just in helping you make up the 120 credits you need to graduate. The classes you took are basic enough that most of them should be able to satisfy some GE requirement (e.g., AP Biology satisfying your science requirement).

Have you thought about what you actually want to major in? What fields are you interested in?