Not Taking a Challenging AP

<p>At my school, when it comes to choosing classes, one of the more challenging ones that students take year is AP Bio. Biology has been my least favorite topic to have studied ever, and although I do well in the class, I loathe the thought of taking another year of it. Additionally, it's one of the more work intensive and exhausting, not to mention difficult, classes offered. </p>

<p>I've thus considered not taking it in favor of another, much easier AP class. However, I fear that because some AP classes are thought of as pushovers -- and rightfully so -- it would not be taken as seriously by colleges as AP Bio, making my workload seem light. </p>

<p>I will still have taken some of the "harder" APs; namely, Chem, U.S/World/Euro, and Physics. Should I take all of those classes (mixed with the lighter APs like Environmental, Human Geo, Stat, etc), would my workload still seem sufficient? </p>

<p>I'll have taken either 11 or 12 APs by the time I graduate regardless.</p>

<p>What colleges are you hoping for? If you're looking at HYPS, you will want to be sure to show a rigorous course schedule throughout. Which other APs will you have for the next (senior?) year?</p>

<p>I think it's a terrible idea to take a class that you know you will hate taking given the option. The college admissions process is stressful enough as it is, why add on to that by enduring a whole year of something you really dislike? I had the option of taking AP Bio my senior year, but like you, I really didn't like biology, it's definitely my least favorite science. Instead, I took physics, which was just an honors class but I was much more interested in that than in biology.</p>

<p>AP sciences are tough. If you go through two of them as well as all the histories, which contain some pretty dense material, I can hardly imagine your courseload wouldn't be "Most Rigorous." Everyone deserves electives if they have room in their schedule--if yours are AP, more power to you.</p>

<p>I agree with schee410. Especially if you'll already have 11 or 12 APs under your belt, I doubt if adding AP biology will do anything for your application. Please enjoy your senior year; don't APee all over yourself, as my former english teacher would say.</p>

<p>I'm actually going into my junior year, not my senior year. Also, I'm leaning toward the medical field, so I'm afraid deferring it now would end up screwing me later, as much as I hate it.</p>

<p>Plus, the idea of "easy" APs vs. "hard" APs is difficult to define. Most people say AP Calc is harder than AP stats, but at my school, it's the opposite. A college has no real way of knowing which is hard or easy. Pick the ones you like, forget about the "easy" or "hard" labels, and ENJOY your classes. IT makes the work a lot easier</p>