Not taking language?

<p>I read that Geneseo students have to take a foreign language in their curriculum but i’ve been taking Spanish for almost 6 years now and I absolutely dread that class. Language just never worked out for me and I was hoping to take something in its place in college.</p>

<p>Are there any ways to get out of taking that requirement at Geneseo? I believe there’s a proficiency exam that we can take but i’m really unfamiliar with how hard it is. </p>

<p>If it helps I took an extra fourth year of language as a senior this year and took Spanish regents exam last year.</p>



<p>Our school offers an AP Spanish course (offers language credit at SUNY schools) and a Spanish 12 course, I took Spanish 12 for the fourth year and i’m not sure if that will count as a fourth year beyond regents.</p>

<p>I’ll try to call the office come Monday but i’d really like to know if I can get this course out of the way since I plan on having a busy schedule. </p>

<p>And for current students who did take language…how is it? Is it just a one semester? If so then it’s probably not a big deal but ideally i’d like to get that requirement out of the way before college.</p>

<p>Well good news, I called the office and it seems I might actually be able to fulfill the spanish requirement this year in high school. =D</p>