Not that these rankings really mean much ...

<p>... but I am glad to see that FSU has finally broken the top 100 in the US</a> News Rankings as it so deserves.</p>

<p>Much deserved. A positive move even in the face of a terrible economy.</p>

<p>The student-faculty ratio published in the US News report for FSU for fall 2011 of 26:1 stinks, especially considering it was 22:1 for both years 2010 and 2009, and 20.5:1 for fall 2008. Tuition and fees at FSU have increased every recent year, yet what we get in the classroom is getting watered down. The budget cuts and shortage of funds available to FSU to hire faculty is hurting FSU tremendously.</p>

<p>Don't expect anything to improve for as long as Rick Scott is the governor, unfortunately.</p>

<p>I suppose they could reduce enrollment somewhat, to "correct" The ratio. I know UF was doing that for a while.</p>