not yet in review

<p>my status has been received fall grades since march 4th
and since there is only a week left until all the acceptances are mailed out
does that mean they might not even review my application??</p>

<p>They will definitely review it and, honestly, I wouldn't even pay attention to the online status. I know it's hard not to</p>

<p>tammers: my d has been on that status since 2/10...she finally e-mailed her admissions rep about an hour ago; I'll let you know when we hear back....</p>

<p>"does that mean they might not even review my application??"....that was exactly why she just e-mailed him....I'm hoping it's just a timing issue.....</p>

<p>My status is in review--updated 12/20/07. I sent in my midterm grades online w/o being asked. I have no idea if the wording of my status has ever changed from one thing to what it is at now. I feel like someone filed my app into a pile (i sent it 11/15) unfortunately...I think it's the reject pile. Has anyone even read my essays and looked at my app? Sad, sad , sad</p>

<p>i'm here with ya tammerrs and rodney :(</p>

<p>I would call</p>

<p>I agree with unclesam. If it makes you feel better, definately call admissions-- however I think statuses don´t really mean anything.</p>

<p>tammers, I<code>m in the exact situation as you :(
I</code>m scared, too. I`m also kind of scared to call, too, haha.

There`s still a week, so we both have hope :)</p>

<p>Good luck (to the both of us)!</p>

<p>FIGHT ON :D</p>

<p>Hi Guys....My d got an e-mail back from her admissions person....According to him, although she has a "we have received" message, she is still in review...She didn't ask him why the status never changed....Hope that helps!!</p>