Not yet recieved/processed???!?!?!?!

<p>my most amazing teacher rec was sent out last monday, october 25. I live in NJ so AT MOST it would take 2 days to reach Columbia. ON the website, it says they have not received/processed yet. I understand they may have received it and not entered it into the database, but it has been one week. </p>

<p>Is this normal?</p>

<p>Am I getting worried for no reason? (It is crucial CU sees this amazing rec.)</p>


<p>one of my recommendations, the important math one, wasnt received/processed yet either and im not sure if it was sent out on time or not.</p>

<p>my recommendation was mailed on the oct 8 and it didnt get processed until oct 23. If you have your app/rec/ financial aid app postmarked nov 1 then you are fine.</p>

<p>CB43087, when did you sent it out?</p>

<p>i didnt send it out thats the thing, my teachers policy is that he sends it out in a separate envelope and i gave him the date and everything, so either he forgot, or they havent processed it yet.</p>