Not Your Typical Chances Thread

<p>Seriously. It's different.
I was wondering what my chances at University of Vermont would be with the following stats. I would also like to know of any "on target" schools for me. </p>

<p>Verbal: 670
Math: 730
Writing: 660 or so
MathIIC: 690 or so
Took em again on oct 9 and expect around a 780-800 in math, and probably about a 650 in verbal.
GPA Weighted: 3.2
Freshman: Global Perspectives
Spanish IIHonors
English Honors
Geometry Honors
German I
Art I</p>

<p>Sophomore: Euro AP
Algebra II Honors
Spanish III Honors
English II Honors
German II
Art II</p>

<p>Junior: American AP
Pre-Calc Honors
Spanish IV Honors
English III Honors
German III
Art III</p>

<p>Senior: US Issues
Calc AB AP
Spanish V
English IV
Statistics AP
Art IV</p>

<p>played guitar 3 years, will have art portfolio, and play chess vigorously</p>

<p>I need to know your rank.</p>

<p>scohol doesnt give class rank.</p>

UVermont looks good. What are you interested in majoring in? Is money going to be a factor?</p>

<p>Good chance then - 60~80%.</p>

<p>i was thinking of UVM as a safety, no, though? What might be a safety in its stead? I am thinking of majoring in philosophy and money is not an issue. What might be another match? I am told skidmore and Clark woudl be.</p>

<p>Weighted GPA = 3.2 ... I am not really sure how good that is, but I cannot really say it would be safety - I used your previous SAT scores so :-)</p>