Notable Combined BS/MS programs for Engineering?

Hey everyone,
I just want to know if there are any notable universities (big state universities and such, not necessarily Ivies) that offer a combined Bachelors and masters degree in Chemical Engineering in 5 years?

RPI has a co-term program where you can get your (non thesis) ChemE masters in 5 years.
Bear in mind that the ChemE co-term program is quite difficult to qualify for - the requirement is a 3.5 GPA on 4 particular courses that just happen to be some of the hardest ChemE undergrad courses. (My D is a ChemE sophomore at RPI hoping to do a co-term, but even though her overall GPA is high, it’s how she does in those 4 courses that matters, which remains questionable.)

Several schools offer 4+1 programs (“combine degrees” or “accelerated masters programs”, etc.). Your best bet is research schools you’re already interested in and then determine if they have a 4+1 program. There is a lot of differences between these programs, sometimes driven by local state concerns.