Notable faculty at CAS?

<p>who are some notable faculties?</p>

<p>E. L. Doctorow teaches Creative Writing. :D</p>

<p>[E</a>. L. Doctorow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia](<a href=“]E”>E. L. Doctorow - Wikipedia)</p>

<p>Depends on the department…
For example, many of the professors in the philosophy department are widely regarded as the best philosophers alive and are the most knowledgable people in their respective subjects. Many publications on modern philosophy come from NYU.</p>

<p>in political science and IR</p>

<p>Yes - For example, Beuno de Mesquita. NYU politics department focuses mostly on quantitative analysis approaches to politics. Many modern political theorists who deal with this type of thinking are professors at NYU.</p>

<p>quantitative? Damn it. I wanted more of a theory study.</p>