Note Taking/ Studying Technique Idea?

<p>I was told to study the constitution. I have to read it and know it. So far I summarized each Article and Section and all 27 amendments. It ended up as 3 pages of double sided college ruled paper. I know I won't be able to memorize all this in a few weeks BUT, is there a way to get these pages of information down to small pocket sized study cards? Any more summarization or w/e technique?</p>

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<p>Maybe make a flash card for each article, section, and amendment, with a 1-3 sentence summary? As long as you know the main idea of each you should be fine. If you actually have to memorize everything word for word I guess you could make the flashcards to get the main idea of each and the read everything over and over until it sticks. Sometimes even just writing everything down by hand like you did helps.</p>

<p>That's insane! I knew maybe half of the amendments and got a 5. I'd say make flashcards for each, and if you have to use 4x7 or 5x8 instead of 3x5. Just writing it down helps a lot!</p>

<p>I copy down everything my teacher says and I only study by cramming for a test the morning of, usually the class before.</p>

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