Notes from visit

My daughter and I visited Eckerd after she was accepted. Here are some of things we learned on a tour and admissions Q&A.

4-1-4 academic calendar, but freshmen year the winter one is replaced by an early start for just freshmen called autumn term
During the winter term students often travel
Have a writing center
Wet campus
40 hours of community service required to graduate
Tons of waterfront equipment to borrow
Can take paid lessons on the waterfront
Waterfront is not a beach - there is sand but it is behind a retaining wall
Among the study abroad options are options taught by Eckerd professors in London, China and Cuba
Six gen Ed courses required
Declare major at freshmen spring semester
Summer storage - off campus or PODS on campus
Main dining hall not on the tour
Barefoot campus - only have to wear shoes in science labs for safety
New or refurbished science building
Seems very laid back - mix of earthy crunchy and beach bum students
Pets allowed in certain dorms
Limited transportation off campus without a car
Pretty landscaping - buildings spread out
Architecture is concrete and cinder block since in hurricane area
Can tweak a major, but not design your own
Student organizations put on events every Thursday, Fri and Sat
85% of students live on campus
Can take organ lessons in church

7 most wired campus

Health and fitness dorm option - no alcohol, drugs, eat right, exercise
Of the eight dorms, four had their lounges renovated in the past four years - the other four will be over next four years
Basic dorm was very average to below average - rooms are cinder blocks painted white
Freshmen can live in suite style for more $$$
No airport shuttle at school breaks
No Greek system at all

Pretty much agree with that assessment.

I can say that my current freshman son enjoys it there.

we just visited last weekend and my son wants to skip senior year and start tomorrow!