Nothing to it -- CHANCE ME! (But only if you have the time, haha)

<p>If you're feeling helpful, I hope you like to read! And if you're a troll, then...well, I guess trolls aren't supposed to be able to read, period.</p>

<p>GPA: 4.12 (Not sure on what numerical scale, 5 I think, but it was weighted)
Rank: 9 out of 77 or 78
AP classes: Calc AB, but no AP test.
Senior course load: Theology, English IV, English III, U.S. History, U.S. Gov.<em>, Economics</em>, Anatomy<em>, Honors Physics, Webmastering</em>, Choir<em>, Spanish III Hrs., AP Calculus
(</em> = only one semester)</p>

<p>It looks bad, I know, but hold on.</p>

<p>SAT: 2100 (ok-ish, haha.)
Subject Tests: Literature and Spanish, 720 both of them. (I'm Asian, haha, that's supposed to be "Math" and "Chemistry", I know. I'm sorry.)</p>

<p>Graduated from high school in: 3 years on recommended program. I was homeschooled only for one year in ninth grade (couldn't find a decent high school, I'm zoned to awful ones), and as you can guess, that means no honors credits as far as I know. I got A's, though, so 4.0's. Then I transferred to a tiny private high school after ninth grade for sophomore year. I took the highest level of courses available to sophomores, except for WHAP, because I took WH in 9th grade, and I made straight A's. I had decided by the end of the year I could graduate early, so the next year I took online courses (English III, US History) approved by my academic dean. However, the online providers didn't offer honors/AP credits. Also, because I didn't/wasn't taking English III on the honors track, they wouldn't let me take AP/Honors English IV, although I had taken honors in 10th grade. I'd complain, but they were generous enough to let me take III and IV simultaneously. Anyway, understand that what's missing regarding course load is due only to the fact that my school barred me from taking it, or that they didn't offer it, both of which are equally likely, and that it seriously disadvantaged me in the class rankings. </p>

<p>I have well over 100 (possibly 200) hours of community/church service hours gained mostly from local missionary work done over the past 3 or 4 summers.
I've been working at my mom's research clinic for the past few months (and YES I do stuff!).
My writing skills must be pretty good if I've had every English teacher since 7th grade tell me they were "SUPERB", and since my senior English teacher handed me back my 10-pg research paper with a 98 saying it was one of the best he'd ever graded. And so I think I wrote two pretty good essays for my application. =)
I play the flute. Although I wasn't in band (there was only marching band), I was the only flutist in the school who took private lessons. No, I didn't have to ask to find that last bit out, just had to listen, and I did ask afterwards. ;)
And I'm not a couch potato, I exercise. I just don't/didn't play sports on any teams.</p>

<p>And I know this is random, but if it helps, I had my interview, and it was a solid 30 minutes long with a senior. Long pleasant conversation = good interview, right? lolol. Thanks for reading and chancing!</p>

<p>I hope you asked your senior English teacher for a letter of recommendation. I would also ask someone who can validate all your community service to write a letter. I also hope that your college advisor/guidance counselor can help explain any course limitations that you faced. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your interview and I wish you good luck.</p>