NOTification Date for Regular Action

IS Texas Rolling for notification???? I am out of state. I was just wondering if i should be expecting it in march or earlier....</p>

<p>I just attended an information session for seniors this past Friday and they said that we should hear no later than the first of March (if I’m remembering correctly…). This goes for in-state and out-of-state applicants.</p>

<p>Out-of-state applicants will not hear until late February at the earliest.</p>

<p>^^ not true. If you look at other posts on College Confidential, some out of state students have already been accepted. Expect February unless you applied in October or earlier.</p>

<p>^^ Definitely not true unless they changed things. I applied OOS last year barely before the deadline and got my notification in a week or two.</p>

<p>Well that’s new. I work with the admissions office as part of a Student Government agency on Out-of-State Student Affairs, and that’s what they tell me. Of course, there are exceptions, but those are very few.</p>

<p>So I applied on October 4 OOS… Is there any chance I hear back before the New Year?</p>

<p>Applied OOS on Nov 31st to McCombs, found out in ten days</p>

<p>That’s ridiculous :o</p>

<p>Yeah, like I said, that’s something new. In case you were wondering, it’s not related to your stats… not to brag or anything, but mine were higher.</p>

<p>^ I realize you have some relationship with the admissions office through your student government role, soadquake981, so you certainly have a line of access to all the scoop! </p>

<p>With that said, I do think stats have a whole lot to do with linkgolfer’s speedy acceptance (to McCombs, BHP pending–linkgolfer’s stats, posted in another thread, are quite impressive, congrats!). The Be A Longhorn site says this about the timing of admission decisions: “A few highly qualified applicants may receive an early decision even if they do apply to a competitive major.” [Admission</a> Decisions | Be a Longhorn](<a href=“]Admission”> I’ve heard the same thing in info talks and seen proof in admission results since I’ve been actively following UT admissions 5+ years: UT hopes to gain a competitive edge by giving a quick response to those extremely competitive applicants who are likely to consider other options.</p>

<p>I received my acceptance to my first choice college and major as an OOS student last year in mid-February. I applied the day before the application deadline.</p>

<p>Last year, the day the final applicants heard their decisions was March 15th. It was like D-Day for everyone. Final rejections and acceptances were that day. Scary day.</p>

<p>My admissions counselor representing my part of nj also said that the high school you’re in affects decisions. Students from schools that have a high number of qualified applicants will take longer to get decisions than a school with a fewer number of applicants. Mine only has 4 students applying, 3 to McCombs and 1 to undergrad studies, and he got a golf scholarship. With that said, I called the admissions office and and told them of my interest in going to UT, so that may have made a difference and sped things up.</p>

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