Notification Date for Regular Decision?

Hi, according to the AU website, the notification date for the January 15 ED deadline is February 15. I applied RD and sent out my application in November, so would I also hear back by February 15? Thanks!

I should specify that by “November” I mean the last day of November, not by November 15 or so

No. You’ll hear when everyone else in RD hears, by April 1st, so late March. The other dates are for ED only, as the website says.

hi i posted a chat about regular decision and i said that an admissions counselor told my mom regular decision will come out on march 15.

March 15, that is quite soon. Anyone else hear that? What about honors college? My daughter wrote a few extra essays for the honors college. They apsaid notification would be by april 1. Also, whn would merit offers be out in writing?

@silverpurple Not sure about honors but merit aid comes out at the same time as the admissions decision. March 15 is also quite normal for a decision date. Almost every college releases mid-March.

Update for everyone: email just went out saying decisions will be released the week of the 16th. All special programs will be released at the same time.

I didn’t get that email… is that a bad sign?

I doubt it is a sign of anything. Have you checked your spam filter and junk mail?

Yes, I’ve checked them. Oh well, I suppose I’ll find out on the week of the 16th.

An email was just sent out saying decisions will come out next week. No official date.

Any update on ED1 decisions from AU for class of 2026??!! I hope it’s not December 31st as they say on their website.