Notification of a dropped course?

<p>I'm a high school senior and have completed my college applications. I was required to list my senior year courses on all the applications. First semester is ending in 10 days. I was scheduled to be in an advanced drawing class next semester, but recently dropped it from my schedule.</p>

<p>Am I required to contact all colleges (both those that have accepted me and those I haven't heard from) and inform them that I dropped this class? (If so, is a phone call or email more appropriate?)</p>

<p>And, this will seem silly, but if I do have to notify them, it won't hurt me will it? I mean, I'm not dropping a full-year class half through the year and I'm not dropping an AP class or anything. My intended major has nothing to do with art, either. </p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>For those who have accepted, don’t bother.</p>

<p>For those you haven’t contacted you back yet (like regular decision apps), send them an email saying “I was scheduled to take so and so but I couldn’t because ______________”</p>

<p>Great, thanks!</p>