Notification: Web vs. Postal

<p>Does Cornell announce via the web portal? on the 31st?</p>

<p> 5:00 PM</p>

<p>Thank you very much dewdrop87.</p>

<p>Just to clarify - that IS 5:00PM Eastern Time, correct?</p>

<p>Cornell is in EST, so yea.</p>

<p>hhaha yay! that means 2 for us! :D </p>

<p>right after school ends. hopefully good news x]</p>

<p>i feel kinda bad for dewdrop, he has been saying 5:00 pm on the 31st so many times now. THANK YOU. :)</p>

<p>Please don't get your hopes up, people. Cornell's servers almost always crash when they release decisions.</p>

<p>The ED people had to wait until around 8 o'clock this year and I think the same thing happened last year. </p>

<p>Of course, you will still see your decision on the web before you get it in the mail. :)</p>

<p>Good luck, everyone!</p>

<p>^^ lol i wonder if they purposely "accidently" crash their servers as a cruel joke on us</p>

<p>Nah, it's the mass number of people accessing it at once. Kinda like a DoS...</p>

<p>i found out i was deferred ED at 6:15. by then i was so tired and mentally exhausted from waiting for decisions that i really didnt care. in a weird kind of was nice to wait. when 5 oclock came i was so so HYPED up, just like all my friends, just FREAKING out to find out...that when 6:15 came around i was really relaxed. albeit angry.</p>

<p>soooo. double sided sword. in my personal opinion. part of me, honestly, would just love to receive a letter and have it be then and there.</p>

<p>Ha ha! My first reaction, when I found out hours later than I should have was... "YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!" because, it seemed so ironic that I had to wait for the ED release, a few more hours for a decision (regularly refreshing) only to be told that I should wait until April for my final decision.</p>

<p>Cornell has always been my first choice so I thought I'd take it -really- badly, but I kinda just froze for a little bit... sat still for ten minutes.. and then rapidly started filling out envelopes for teacher recs for other colleges! By the time I was done with getting all the paperwork for the other colleges in, it was January and too late to actually whine about it.</p>

<p>I thought i would take it really badly as well. And...I sort of did. I was just bitter about some other factors in the process...</p>

<p>I kind of sat there. Waited a while. Then I emailed my only contact in admissions who told me to stay optimistic basically. Considering I thought I would be really upset by anything less than an acceptance, I was pretty ok. :)</p>

<p>It totally sucked when " Sorry : ( " came up at the top of the screen. I thought I had been rejected and then it was just like: Sorry, the site is not available at this time. GAAHHH!! Why did they do that!??</p>

<p>It was around 7:00 when I got my decision.</p>

<p>I thought it was a hacker joke, or some kind of prank just cause they had the mocking sad face in the headline</p>

<p>: (</p>

<p>yeah it was just pretty cruel in general.</p>

<p>That sad face was the worst thing it made me feel like i someone poured a bunch of acid into my stomach. My last name starts with a V, and I know that when it came to getting the ed decisions after the servers crashed, the kid with last name B got his decision first, then it progressed basically alphabetically from there. I found out about everyone else at my school before myself, then finally got my decision around 8:30. After an extra 3.5 hours, congratulations was the best word in the world. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!</p>

<p>^ it really went in alphabetical order?? because my last name starts with a B and I didn't get my decision until 7... that's weird</p>

<p>yeah i don't think they started finding out until around 7 either. it probably took the people about an hour and a half to get everyone's decisions back up after the crash was dealt with.</p>

<p>..........Good. My last name starts with Z.................</p>

<p>YAY. SO much MORE wait to look for.</p>

<p>Yeah, last name starts with Z too :T sucks. we get the down for everything.</p>