Notifying colleges your not attending

<p>For the colleges I was accepted at am I suppose to call the admissions office and tell them that I do not want to go there? And also what about the schools I was waitlisted at? I know you probably don't have to for either, but do you recommend doing it?</p>

<p>for colleges that have accepted you they usually have a card or a letter where you can check WILL ATTEND or WILL NOT ATTEND, I will be attending __<strong><em>. You should probably send that back as an act of courtesy. For Waitlist schools its the same thing except the options are, I will remain on the list or I will be attending _</em></strong>.</p>

<p>Notifying colleges that you're not attending is out of courtesy; there might be people on the waitlist wanting to go there.</p>

<p>Actually, most schools have an online SIR (positive or negative) that you should fill out before the May 1 deadline.</p>

<p>That's mostly just for the UCs. Some schools don't have that luxury, unfortunately.</p>

<p>Just send back that little card saying no thanks.</p>

<p>and if you lost the card...?</p>

<p>I never got a card.</p>

<p>My D had a few schools that she lost the card to and just e-mailed admissions. For the reps she had a personal relationship with she e-mailed and thanked them. Those were hard for her as some of the reps were wonderful!</p>

<p>i got cards with all of my packets.. if you lost them, just call or send an email so they know for sure</p>