Notre Dame Class of 2025 - After you've been accepted!

Hello future Fighting Irish! Feel free to post any questions and answers here about going to ND for Fall 2025. This will hopefully free up the Notre Dame 2025 page for those still waiting for admission. Let the Q&A begin!

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Yes those accepted EA/ED are anxiously awaiting the financial aid packages ? All docs submitted November 1st.

Does anybody know if Merit Aid semifinalists have been contacted yet? I know two years ago it happened the last Saturday in January, but I’m not sure how consistent that timing is.

Not that I have heard! Hoping this week!

Just checked the merit site, and they updated the timeline. Now it says that they will release two rounds of semifinalist invites, one in early February and one in late February. Possibly the first round will go out this week!


Have people been notified yet that they are semi finalist? Or is that what comes in sometime in February

Following merit questions.

Hi all. Does anyone know a good YouTube channel that has more inside look at all the dorms? I see a few but would love to just look at all of the possibilities as we now wait for which dorm my son will be assigned. Of course HE is like ‘Meh. whatever.” Sometimes I miss having more girls. LOL

Does anyone know when ND will notify finalists about the Scholars’ Program/merit scholarships? Perhaps they already have which is bad news! If they have not notified anyone yet, how long after Ivy Day does it take for ND to notify finalists whether they received merit or not? I assume notification date is strategic in relation to Ivy Day (perhaps wrong assumption)?

As we get closer, you will be able to find them on the “residential life” section of the Notre Dame website. For right now, I found a decent one on Youtube - search for “University of Notre Dame Dorm Tour” The one that looks decent is by Meredith Stump where she gets footage of at least one room in every dorm. There are two separate videos. The rooms are pretty tight, but they work. You work out with the roommate things like fridge? futon? etc. Each dorm is a little different, but in each room there are a couple of layouts that work. Most students “loft” the bed on top of the desk and wardrobe.

What are the best female dorms? Do any have separate bathrooms, or do they all have one shared bathroom per floor?

Not sure - my experience is with a male dorm. The Youtube description above has several female dorms. There are also a few by other students of female halls.

Most of the women’s dorms will have shared bathrooms on each floor/wing. I’m not entirely sure about the new dorms built in the late 90s/2000s, but I believe they may have two 2-person rooms sharing a bathroom.

Look up Meredith Stump’s Youtube channel - she is a freshman with a couple videos with different kids showing their rooms in various dorms.

Some are nice doubles, but there are LOT of small, cramped rooms with lofted beds, hardly room to turn around in. A lot of quads and triples. My second daughter has ND as her top pick and I made her watch these videos - because there is a chance that it could be you in that tiny quad… and she has to be OK with that as you only find out about on move in day!

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