Notre Dame Class of 2025 Regular Decision

A separate Gateway 2025 feed has started up, you might keep an eye on it. My daughter was offered Gateway this past Friday. On Saturday a Gateway 8.0 student reached out to her via text. She invited my daughter to call her and mine did. They talked on the phone and the 8.0 student sent my 9.0 prospect a QR code to join a Gateway 9.0 Group Me. My daughter joined the Gateway 9.0 Group Me and she has really enjoyed meeting all the kids (she says there are around 70 in the group so far). Here is the Gateway 2025 CC link:

Do merit scholarships show up in the admission letter?

FYI - the dorms are usually not available for touring. The focus of the “accepted” student weekend a few years ago was the academic department meetings. There was a tour and a great session from a few Hall Rectors. The bulk of the time was presentations by different groups (alumni, academic departments, financial aid, etc)

No worries. I can’t really comment on the dating scene at ND. My DS does not share much about that aspect of college life. :wink:

I got into USC for CS and Notre Dame so I have to choose between these two schools. WOW


Lol! Thanks! :wink: I just asked a friend who has a son there and he said don’t be ridiculous!

My son also got USC and ND, but he likes ND more!

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We had a chance to visit both USC and ND. DS was rejected by USC, so the decision is not the same. He was accepted to UCLA. For my son, the vibe at USC was meh. The factors we saw: Dorms overcrowded and limited guarantees after 2nd yr for housing (I think). Being in LA was actually not a huge attraction for him (we live in NorCal). USC does have a strong alumni network. He also really wanted to be in the marching band.

For ND, the campus is great, although more remote. The business school was ranked higher. They encourage students to live in the dorms for all 4 years. They are unapologetically a Catholic school. The welcome weekend theme was “Welcome Home”. It’s a very different attitude. It felt like a much better ‘fit’ for my son. He is now a junior and loving the whole experience.


3100 people on the waitlist fyi. Article

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Anyone else still waiting to hear from ND on financial aid? We submitted all the financial docs early but there was one form signed late since ND didn’t accept the electronic signature.


We had same situation. And are still waiting.

My son is deliberating between Cornell and ND. He is in arts and letters at ND, can A&L majors minor in a business discipline in Mendoza?

@comtnmom Business Economics Minor // Department of Economics // University of Notre Dame Best of luck and success!

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Thank you!

Man, 3100 waitlist applicants.

Gonna give it one last college try, but the odds are bleak.

So ND has so far admitted 3,444 students by my count. Question is how many of those will ultimately enroll. Using their historical yield rates would indicate upwards of 1950-1960 will enroll from that group (using around 57%).

That leaves about 100 spots if the class size is pegged at 2,050. Seems to have been around that number lately.

But I have to think when they calculate yield rates, that the people who get in off the waitlist have told their admissions counselor that they will 100% enroll. So that subset of (eventually) admitted students is actually close to 100% yield rate probably. Which means the yield rate on the people admitted by early and regular decision is around 55%. So that could be as few as 1900.

So who knows. I am gonna guess 150 people get off the waitlist. Gives me a little hope.

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Did you ever hear back from ND Financial Aid? We are STILL waiting.

We did! In fact, I think it came through the day after I said we hadn’t received it. I am so sorry you are still waiting. I can’t imagine how nerve wracking that must be.