Notre Dame Class of 2025 Regular Decision

What’s up! I just wanted to start this thread for everyone who is applying to Notre Dame REA or RD for the class of 2025 to talk, get to know more about the process, and to ask any questions they may have to anyone who responds. Also if anyone wants to put their stats: quantitative, qualitative or both, that’d be great too! I personally submitted my application about 2.5 weeks ago for restrictive early action. Its my top school and I would LOVE to be admitted.


Hey! I’ve applied REA as well. Philosophy and theology joint major. From south London. Notre Dame is also my top choice!

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Any guesses when REA decisions will come out? Looking through previous threads my bet is either on 12/4 or 12/11

It will be 6:42 pm the night it is released. A few years ago it was 12/13 for REA.

Last year it was December 13th, but I have heard “Mid December”, so I’m just going to be broad and say sometime in December, but before Christmas

Chance me… Mendoza
1540 SAT
760 on AP chem and Calc AB -SAT II
4.0 gpa
8 AP (5 senior year)
4&5 on all AP tests

Solid or better essay
150+ service hours, multiple Presidental Awards
Peer leader
Multiple clubs. Couple of club officer positions
2 varsity sports, 4 swim and swim Capitan
Typical NHS

Chance me ND, uofM Ross, BC, uVA, Gtown

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Brynn here!
1400 SAT
32 ACT
13 AP courses
Varsity Softball Captain
Poly Sci Major
Class Vice President
a part of 7+ clubs, executive member of 4+
1000+ community service hours
Member of a youth group church organization
common app essay was really good

You honestly sound great! I applied to Mendoza too with lesser stats but we’re somewhat similar. I think you’re a great applicant for ND especially with the community service & leadership. I’m not super good at chancing but you’re probably close to what they’re looking for.

Daughter applied REA. 4.0 unweighted GPA at smallish college prep Catholic high school that normally sends at least one kid, sometimes multiple to ND. Three-sport athlete with multiple accolades (has started every basketball game of her career since a freshman). Captain of two varsity sports (basketball and softball). Will have 10 varsity letters by the time she graduates. President of NHS. The one thing she is probably a little weak on are volunteer/service hours. While she has done some with school requirements, she normally is spending 15-20 hours a week on her athletics outside of the classroom time, so there have not been a lot of chances to do a lot of that type of service.

Did not send in ACT scores because she took it once after her soph year in HS, and because of COVID never got to take it again (including in October of this year when her test site was cancelled TWO DAYS before it was scheduled).

I am wondering, not necessarily in REA, but in general, how many ND applicants really have no business applying to ND. I know my daughter has a few friends who are applying, but other than one of them, they really have no chance of getting in. I think half the people applying to ND gotta be in that category. They apply on a whim, but really have no chance of getting in. What do you think? So that 16-18% acceptance rate is really quite a bit higher for (lack of a better term) “qualified” applicants. I think my daughter is at least in that conversation as she is a straight A student at least.

Good luck to all. Now that it is December, the anxiety level is super high.

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@RegionNWI - Based on the Cappex scatter plot I saw on an article published in March or this year, I would agree. The x-axis is UW GPA, the Y-axis is ACT/SAT test scores. They then show the accept/denied and even the accepted-won’t attend.

I’m sure there are a lot of students who apply that are way outside the 25th to 75th percentile range from previous classes. Maybe they have a strong hook?

I think the acceptance rate of “qualified” applicants may be a bit higher, but not a ton. Remember that stats aren’t everything. They will definitely keep you in the game. I think the essay questions play a major role in the admission decision.


My S will apply RD this month. 3.9UW/4.5W, 33 ACT, small Catholic school, no hooks, loads of service, not much leadership. Unfortunately he did not apply REA because, among other reasons, he barely and finally got to take the ACT in October and we weren’t sure he was competitive for REA round. S and my husband toured before Covid and loved it. It seems like a cool community. Good luck to all!

Hey, I applied REA to the College of Engineering. Does anyone have any idea when decisions will be released?

Chance me… Art and Letters
International student (Local High School in China)
SAT 1590 (Math 800)
6 AP (Calculus BC-5 Macroeconomics-5 Microeconomics-5 Eng Lang-5 Psychology-4 US History-4) + 3 more in senior year
SATII Math800 US History720

Good Essay
President of School Volunteer Association
YYGS and Uchicago summer program
Violin player in School Orchestra
AMC 10 2.5% AIME qualifier

Chance me ND REA, please…

My guess is Monday Dec. 14 for decisions? Strictly a guess

Hey! Can someone chance me for Mendoza (REA)? Major is business analytics
-ACT: 35
-GPA: 4.0 UW & 5.17 W
-11 APs (4&5 on all tests that I’ve taken)
-Competitive Equestrian for 12 years- i help out a lot at my barn in addition to training. Spend most of my time doing this
-Volunteer at a therapeutic riding center (adds to my passion for riding since I found a way to help in the community)
-Volunteer with the Miami Dolphins Foundation (goal is to work on the business side of an NFL team)
-Was mentored by the Director of Research and Strategy of the NY Jets over the summer and researched sports analytics & how it influences the game as well as how it influences the business
-Took advantage of quarantine and phone banked for an organization to register voters
-Involved in 6 honor societies and have leadership positions in two
-Awards: AP scholar with distinction, National Merit Commended Scholar, US Equestrian Federation Lettering Program recognition
-Strong essays

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Hey there! Current ND student here. I Can tell you I understand how nerve wracking the next week will be for you guys. But I can also tell you it’s sooo worth it! As for a Chance me? There’s no way to do that at ND. When I took my tour, they told us they only accept about 1/3 of the Valedictorians who apply and about 1/3 of those with a 1500 or higher SAT. They really put an emphasis on how you will contribute to the campus, the type of person you are. The mission is to be a “Force for Good”. They really want to see your service and leadership in your essays and application. Of course they want you to be able to handle your classes, but they also want to see what you bring to the campus culture. That you are a GOOD person who will be made BETTER during your time on campus. And then go out and Shine your light on the world. Deep breaths. Don’t be discouraged if you’re deferred. Email your admissions counselor to let them know you still want to be considered in RD. Add any supplements you can with service and leadership. Two of my roommates came off of the waitlist. So remember you have several chances to get on campus. Message me if you have questions. Good Luck, Deep Breaths and Go Irish!


Just attended a virtual event. AO said that they don’t have a set date for releasing REA decisions but it will be before December 18th. They said they are working with a 8-10% increase in applications.


Why do they announce at 6:42? Good luck everyone.

I would be curious to also understand how many of you are legacy. It seems that carries a strong weight as every person I know locally that attends (at least four) are all legacy.

They release at 6:42 because that in military time is 18:42, which is the year Notre Dame was founded.

To answer your second question, I am not a legacy, but I know Notre Dame is a huge school for legacies. Not sure how much weight is put on it though.

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any guesses?