Notre Dame Class of 2025 Regular Decision

Notre Dame restrictive early action decisions to be released Wednesday, December 16 at 6:42 PM Eastern Standard Time per ND admissions instagram



Is it just sent in an email?

We are legacy. We are huge Irish fans and have brought the kids to campus and football games several times. But ND is also a huge reach admissions wise and financially as well. D21 just had to apply and check off that bucketlist item that has been dreaming of since she was a little girl. If not undergrad, Im sure she will go there for post grad.


Just curious, did you confirm this somewhereo or is it just a hunch? Nervous for these kiddos!

Thank you! I missed it on the admissions website.

Question has already been addressed, but the first place I saw it was the NDadmissions instagram post and then later saw it on the page as well. And yes, many nervous kiddos and adults too!

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Does anyone know how many rec letters we can send? I sent two teacher and one counselor but will they only use one teacher and one counselor?

Hello! Current ND student here! Your daughter sounds wonderful and like a definite contender for admission at ND! One thing I would like to point out to you though is that you seem to think ND has a bit of an elitist approach when it comes to admissions. I would not agree that the 16-18% acceptance rate is “higher” in a sense for students of a high caliber because the one think that sets ND apart from other T20 schools in the admissions process (in my experience having applied to several ivies as well as Northwestern and Notre Dame) is that the admissions decisions are truly approached holistically. Anyone and everyone who applies has a chance. While my stats were similar to your daughter’s, I truly believe it was my dedication to campus ministry at my high school as well as the passion I demonstrated for my desired area of study that got me in. I had a friend who had an SAT score that was almost 100 points lower than mine get in. She was below average in many aspects but the school saw how much heart she put into her application, so she was admitted. While it is easy to place a lot of stock in stats, please don’t count anyone out. I know of many valedictorians in my area with wonderful gpas that were denied because as impressive as they were, they did not embody what Notre Dame always looks for: heart. I say this to emphasize that EVERYONE has a chance and stats, while important in many respects, really aren’t everything. I promise. Good luck to all!!


@RegionNWI For a top 20 school, Notre Dame gets far fewer applications than most of its academic peers. This is due primarily to its Catholic heritage and, to some degree, its location. Fewer applications translates into higher reported acceptance rates - but does not mean that it is easier to get into Notre Dame than schools with lower acceptance rates. ND Admissions has consistently reported over recent years that the number of very high quality applicants is growing at a faster rate than the overall application pool…making it increasinly difficult to gain admission even with a fairly steady reported admission rate. There is a huge amount of self selection among ND applicants. Few just lob in an application “just because”, like students who elect to apply to all Ivy League schools. ND applicants typically want to attend ND because it is ND, not because it is a high quality reputable school. This is why, even without Early Decision, ND’s yield rates are incredibly high. And truthfully, Notre Dame’s mission as an institution is different and what it looks for in applicants is different. As outlined above by domeluvr.


@RegionNWI This is ND—every student applying probably also has straight A’s!! While I’m sure your daughter is a great applicant, please don’t think of that as an automatic acceptance, and please don’t diminish the hopes of students (or even your daughter’s friends) with weaker stats. Maybe creating a separate forum for parents would be a better place to post your comments. Have a great day!


Actually, based on the scatter plots of applicant data, not everyone has straight A’s who applies. But those who are admitted tend to be heavily skewed to the high GPA/high test score crowd. So holistic admissions are great, but they generally still need the grades, too.

And, no, despite that, I do not expect that my daughter is automatic by any means. I would say her chances are closer to 30-40% rather than the published 17-18%. That was all I was trying to get at.

You must have misread my comment! I said the applicants ”probably” have straight A’s. As I mentioned before, maybe a parent forum would be a better fit for your comments. Thanks!

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Why do you think my comments are negative? I don’t get it. I am not diminishing anyone’s accomplishments or suggesting ND is easy to get into. And you said “every student” probably has straight A’s. I was simply pointing out that a lot of applicants actually don’t.

And half the people on here are parents. I’ll post wherever I want to.

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Thank you for this! It is so helpful to hear that ND is looking for more than just scores. My daughter is applying REA. ND is her dream school. She has many typical stats (4.0 UW, 7 APs, but no SAT or ACT because all were cancelled). I know her letters of recommendation were very strong. She is highly focused on performing arts in her ECs at school (theatre, ballet, POL), but hasn’t been able to do more because she spends so much time working on our family farm. Some volunteer work, NHS in junior/senior year. She hopes to double major in Japanese and English (Creative Writing). She wrote a novel as a part of her creative writing track. I am really hoping she has a chance among the many excellent ND candidates. These last two days before we hear are so hard!! Praying for good news on Wednesday!!

I know it’s very stressful! Yesterday was the anniversary of my acceptance and I still can’t believe I get to call South Bend my Home Sweet Dome! There will be a parent Facebook page come up almost immediately. Notre Dame Parents Class of 2025. If she gets accepted, have some streamers and balloons for a picture! The Irish immersion starts Immediately! :joy: if she happens to get deferred, email your counselor immediately and let them know you are still counting ND as her dream school and she would enroll if she gets accepted. Then update them and her application portal with any service, awards, grade updates
Good Luck and keep us posted!


I think your logic is correct as to admission chances for your daughter. There are at least two relatively equally qualified applicants for every one who gets admitted to Notre Dame. So if your daughter is in that cohort of “top applicantsi”, statistically her chances are probably 1 in 3…as they are for almost all applicants in that group. She undoubtedly has the grades, and great sports extracurriculars/leadership. The lack of ACT scores only prevents her, in this environment, from emphasizing her capabilities. I don’t think that it hurts her really. Every applicant is different but at the top of ND’s applicant pool…exceptional. She has certainly cleared the statistical bar for admission and now it is up to ND to determine her relative fit/capabilities/contribution vs. other applicants. That is why the application is so important…to differentiate on these issues. Many kids get rejected from ND and accepted into multiple Ivy League schools. Others get accepted into ND and choose to go to their state flagship. I wish your daughter the best of luck this Wednesday. I know that getting in REA to ND several years ago was a very big day for my son…who is Class of 2022. Best to have no expectations and then lots of gratitude if you get in. Keep us posted on outcomes. Rooting for you and your daughter!


I guess we’ll know in about 30 hours!

Any insight on how they might differentiate between various majors/interests. I don’t recall if for ND you are applying for general admission and then get into a school, or if you apply directly to a school (e.g. Mendoza or Engineering). It sounds like Mendoza is very competitive. Would admissions consider what school you are applying to and does it make a difference in terms of your chances? (e.g. Purdue engineering has more stringent standards than Purdue School of Management). Just curious.

It’s my understanding that they are looking at specific things for certain majors. For instance, highest level math offered would be beneficial for engineering. Engineering does have a target number of students for Civil, Mechanical etc.

ND used to really promote freshman year being very open academically, but over the past few years they have become more major specific, however, they still encourage academic exploration.


hi everyone I honestly don’t have any business being on this thread because I don’t even go to ND lol, but a year ago I was in the same position where I was checking college confidential constantly. And I just want to say that you will all be fine no matter what. My stats we great but they weren’t as good as a lot of the kids that didn’t get in. I ended up getting in REA, was invited to the spring program for top applicants, then was invited for merit weekend and received an almost full ride to ND. So don’t doubt yourself you never know what can happen.