Notre Dame Class of 2025 Regular Decision

what kind of email reply did any of you get from your admissions councilor if you emailed them?

When ND released RD decisions, the graphic showed that 3,446 applicants were accepted.

But in Don Bishop’s April 26th presentation, the # of acceptances had increased to 3,560.

Seems like ND accepted 114 people off the waitlist in that round of notifications starting Apr 23.

Link to presentation by ND Admissions: see the one dated 4/26

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That difference could also be the Gateway Program?

I don’t believe ND has ever included Gateway Program admits in the acceptance counts, in the Common Data Set submissions, or in its yield calcs.

Prior to Covid-19 messing up wait lists for all schools in 2020, ND typically aimed to admit about 100-150 applicants off the wait list to “round out the class.” This looks like wait list admits.

By the way, the new admit number is around the 5-minute mark in the presentation I linked.

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Do you think then they are done admitting off the wait list? Why don’t they then send something to those waiting to tell them to stop holding their breath? Or update their website? Why didn’t they abide by the dates on the website in the first place.

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I’m guess they don’t know if they will need to use the waitlist.

For all we know a few kids got off May 3rd and onwards. My other idea is maybe (hopefully) they are still deciding.

However, it seems possible they are filled but waiting to see if other waitlists move. If people decline their enrollment to attend a different school then a spot will be open.

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Yep, who knows if the admissions office is done admitting off the wait list. That info is a closely guarded secret, known only to the inner circle of the admissions office.

I don’t think most schools send a “waitlist is officially closed” notice until the admissions office is convinced that they’ve 100% locked in the class. That might not happen until June, maybe even later. As you noted, other schools are still admitting off their waitlists, and ND will conceivably lose some commitments who are willing to part with the deposit/confirmation fee and enroll at the other school that admitted them after May 1.

I’m curious which dates on the ND website were not abided by (?), as referenced by an earlier poster. If anything, ND tried to be more proactive this year and appears to have gone to its waitlist on or around April 23, which is very unusual for ND; most years, ND’s admissions office tends to wait until all confirmations are in by May 1 before vetting the waitlist for those with the highest level of continuing interest. Guessing this year they got back enough “decline admissions offer” responses to know that they needed to hit the waitlist a bit earlier than usual.

You shouldn’t be holding your breath for a waitlist decision… Love the school you are admitted to.

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I heard that ND has a high yield rate this year and expects “zero to minimal” taken from waitinglist :sob:

One wonders if anyone does not have a high yield this year! I was hopeful ND would not.

What’s your source?

This afternoon I’m going to visit the school that I just got accepted off the waitlist for, so my spot at Notre Dame likely will become open for one of y’all hopefully.


Congrats on your other school!

I am worried about the lack of waitlist movement post may 3rd… REALLY hoping things pick up tomorrow, all we can do is pray.

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agreed! I keep praying at this point there’s really nothing else we can do!

just talked to Notre Dame rep, there will be little to no waitlist movement going forward. Good luck to all you that are waitlisted. Hope everything turns out just fine.


The website indicated (and still does) they would tap into the waitlist between May 3 and 15. So ND pulling from WL on April 23-26 was way earlier than ND indicated for waitlist activity. That’s a shame since my son submitted his LOCI the day before 4/23 which was just after getting 3rd Q grades.

The website stated their WL activity would be between May 3-15. Instead, they acted April 23-26.

He did send a LOCI email in early April but the substantive letter was sent April 22 in anticipation of WL activity starting May 3. I wish they had not published May 3-15 as the dates they would act if it was going to be 2 weeks prior actually.

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This is one place where May 3-15 date range is mentioned. Also in ND’s WL FAQ’s.